High Sound Technology


CrystalVoice features innovative technologies that are specially designed to deliver the best vocal fidelity, so that you express yourself to others and be heard crystal clear in video conferencing, multiplayer games and online chats.SBX Surround
With SBX Surround, an improved surround algorithm increases and expands the virtual surround spaciousness, allowing you to enjoy cinema-quality sound in the comfort of your home. Immerse yourself right in the middle of all the action.Hear sound so vibrant and so dynamic, being surprised is an understatement. SBX Crystalizer enhances the dynamic range of your compressed audio source to give you a more realistic experience.Feel the rumble of a spaceship taking off, or dance to the pounding music from your favorite playlist. SBX Bass fills extends the low frequency tones and gives the extra impact for a dramatically improved sound experience.